ok but wait

this is your white ass literally admitting to being a weeaboo in your about and youre going to call out another white woman for partaking in asian culture pls have a million seats

I never understood why wearing a kimono makes one racist. In college we had a Japanese Festival, since we were the Japanese class, it was an imitation of those matsuri they have in Japan. We taught the visitors how to make origami and how to write calligraphy, among other things.

The students who were visiting from Japan each year gladly helped us put kimonos on. We were a bunch of white girls, in kimonos, doing fun Japanese traditional things, spreading knowledge of the Japanese culture.

This is not a bad thing. Wearing a kimono outside Japan and being an enthusiast about the Japanese culture, or Asian for that matter, not restricted to Japan, is not a bad thing, it’s not racist! I love Japan, I loved being dressed in a kimono, I love their language.

Please stop interpreting any attempt at loving a different culture as being racist or cultural appropriation.

Couldn’t agree more. If anything, spreading knowledge about different cultures usually PREVENTS racism, not the other way around!




Did anyone actually like Invader Zim because it was a good well written well animated show? or was it because scene kid’s were really obsessed with gir because he was random?

Oh, I did. Totally. *hisptah shades*

No, just kidding. I was just one of those obnoxious kid in high school who liked the show, probably because I was a loser outcast who liked the dark humor.

10 years later I appreciate the writing, animation, timing, color… etc etc. Then I wonder… is it really that amazing? Or is it just because I grew up with it?

Oh, and Gir is adorable (in limited amounts)… but Zim has always been my favorite. ;)

Does anyone think the show aired before “random humor” really became popular in kids’ cartoons? I feel like it’s overdone anymore…