I bailed out last minute from having to work San Diego Comic Con… instead I stayed home making aliens. I do not at all regret this decision!

Still a WIP! I can’t decide how I should paint him yet… I have an old airbrush I don’t know whether works or not anymore. Or if I should simply use some matte acrylics…

He’s about 4 1/2 inches tall or 11 cm, and as you can see, sits so nicely in your palm!

Hehe, I love having a mini-Pilot!! <3

Follow this new tumblr account if you are interested in things other than just my artwork. It will probably be mostly a travel blog, but also contain posts pertaining to my other hobbies. Something to keep me entertained while on the road!

Cosmixed account will continue to be used for dumping art and fandom things. :)